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Come join the celebration of Kernow

A new Cornish cultural association named Celebrate Kernow, designed to promote all Cornish culture in an inclusive and refreshingly relaxed way, is going through its birthing pangs.

"Celebrate Kernow" will work in 2 ways

1) Online - The Cornish Culture website will be adapted to be the guide and voice of the association and will have a regular DOING CORNISH CULTURE EMAIL NEWSLETTER. The working group for Celebrate Kernow can be found here on Facebook.

2) On the ground - "Celebrate Kernow Communities" will be founded by interested parties in various areas around the Duchy. They will meet once a month to make music, tell stories, speak the Cornish language, read poetry, eat food, talk dialect and celebrate feasts & festivals. These will be as informal as possible and held in sympathetic taverns or community centres.

A central executive exists a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, but will only meet once or twice a year. All day to day communication will be online.

Regularly, throughout the year, 'new skills' weekends will be held for people to broaden their Cornish cultural skills based in one of our towns.

The groups primary aim will be to increase participation in Cornish culture and shall be open to all, regardless of race, gender, religion sexuality and anything else. Our interpretation of Cornish culture will be dynamic and youthful, but this in no ways wishes to exclude older generations.

IT WILL BE FUN and open to all. We will work in partnership with all other Cornish groups to compliment their work, however we will look outwards to try and get new people.

More from the mastermind behind Celebrate Kernow here: Not bad for the village idiot.

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