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Charlotte's Democracy

The truly excellent Cornish Zetetics blog has come in for some criticism from Labour PPC Charlotte MacKenzie.

Cornwall Labour, aka Charlotte MacKenzie, has this to say on a Cornwall 24 thread: "CZ's refusal to publish some comments is a very real problem – doesn't he like democracy and free comment?"

Okay Charlotte, but perhaps a bigger fish to fry would be our Labour government and its desire to roll back the Freedom of Informations Act.

In June, Gordon Brown announced his intention to change the FOI act, to remove the public interest test and so introduce an absolute exemption for the royals from freedom of information rules. The official reasoning for this change is an extraordinary piece of double-speak. To quote the Ministry of Justice: “It has become clear that those safeguards [against revealing information] are insufficiently robust to protect our current constitutional arrangements, and need changing.”

As such an ardent lover of democracy perhaps you'll also join with me in condemning the Labour government for not allowing Cornwall a referendum on greater home-rule even after the residents of the Duchy produced a petition of 50,000 signatures calling for devolution. Equally we can both, with clear consciences I'm sure, deride their propaganda and lies concerning the constitutional status of Cornwall and the Duchy of Cornwall.

By the way Charlotte why is it that you NEVER criticises the rabidly anti-Cornish Mudhook blog, much loved of labour, that allows no comments whatsoever on its articles and therefore feels free, at times, to tell outright lies.

Should I go on with the list of attacks on "democracy and free comment" we have suffered under Charlotte's Labour because it's all rather depressing.

I'll leave the last words to Cornish Zetetics who writes in: An awful week for Labour:

If, despite the evidence, anyone with any progressive views is left in the mausoleum of the ‘peoples’ party’, graveyard of the hopes and dreams of all those pioneers who wanted to build democracy and equality, then for God’s sake get out while you can. Help build real hope for the future. Join the Greens. Or here in Cornwall MK.

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