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Campaign Kernow – taking Cornwall to the Commonwealth Games.

The campaign to take a Cornish team to the Commonwealth Games is relaunched as Campaign Kernow.

I've already blogged about the potential of a Cornish National football team and the different tornaments in which it could participate. Why not demand a team in the Commonwealth Games? If territories such as the Channel Islands, whose only claim rests being a paradise for amoral tax dodgers, can take part then why not a constitutional Duchy inhabited by a people with their own language, history and identity. Oh wait! Silly me. It's amoral tax dodgers that can pull string in the halls of power isn't it?

Anyway over to GH:

In October 2002, I was given the vision of taking a Cornish team to the Commonwealth Games. By December 2003 I had put together a quality executive committee, which include international and professional sportsman to form the CCGA. Exactly one year later we applied for membership of the CGF, who refused us ‘ out of hand ’. Since then further researches have strengthened our claim to bring us to where we are now.

Following the refusal of application for membership in December 2004, by the Commonwealth Games Federation ( CGF ), the former Cornwall Commonwealth Games Association will continue it’s fight under the new name of Campaign Kernow. A financial target of approximately £50,000 is sought to legally prove that Cornwall has a legitimate right to recognition, and representation, as a Commonwealth Nation.

We will seek a judicial review on the CGF’s decision as soon as is possible and have great confidence in our legal position headed by solicitor, Notary Public Mr.John Kirkhope, who at present is a taking a Ph.D. at Plymouth University into the Laws of the Duchy of Cornwall. Mr Kirkhope is regarded by many as the expert on the Laws and Constitution of Cornwall.

If we could get just one pound from those that are still alive and were at Twickenham in 1991, and those younger who didn’t get to see what ‘Cornish lads and lasses can do’ our target is assured. We owe our future generations the best sporting opportunities possible, so what‘s a pound to you? Of course, you are more than welcome to make a much larger donation. I have also today released a new two track CD with £1 per sale going to the fund.

It is a sad day indeed when the so-called “ Friendly Games “ has forced us to take this action but we will not be denied our birthright, go away or take no for an answer. We are now at the point of taking what we hope will be the final step for acceptance into the Federation.

Please help give Cornwall’s future generations the very best we can give them. It’s no more than what they deserve.

Donations can be made via Paypal using the donate button on the right of this page.

Cheques/postal orders can be made payable to: The Commonwealth Games Legal Fund

Campaign Kernow Trust.
PO Box 70.
TR14 9WZ.

Thank you.

Graham Hart

Campaign Leader, Cornish musician, sportsman and renowned Cornish campaigner.

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