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Alliances for the regional election 2010

So far the following alliances have been formed in Brittany for the forthcoming French regional elections.

The UDB will be campaigning alongisde the Greens inside Europe Ecologie Bretagne. This is a subdivision of the  state-wide Europe Ecologie coalition of  Régions et Peuples Solidaires, the French Greens and various other personalities. Europe Ecologie did remarkably well in last years European elections rivalling Frances principle left-wing party. Certainly one to watch.

The Parti Breton has joined the electotal list -Nous te ferons Bretagne- (We'll make Brittany for you). Headed by political personality Christian Troadec, the left-wing mare of Carhaix, the coalition includes the PB as well as independent ecologists and other local personalities.

That leaves Breizhistance and L'Alliance Fédéraliste Bretonne. Previously Emgann (Breizhistance) has allied itself with the trotskyist French far-left, but nothing as of yet has been formalised.


Anonymous said...

thanks for this. How does the French electoral system work. I'm afraid the pro-Breton patriotic and nationalist vote will be split.

cornubian said...

Yes a split is possible but there are some people you'll never get in the same party. With a country the size of Brittany you find quite a wide diversity of political thought inside the autonomist/nationalist movement.

From the extreme right to the extreme left.

Trying to bring them altogether in one party would simply be a recipe for a disaster, and who would want neo-fascist in their party anyway?

Best leave the different tendencies follow their own paths, and, perhaps, from time to time different factions of the left and centre left can work together.

However for this election your point is taken as we see Europe Ecologie Bretagne which is left-of-centre and green going up against Nous te ferons Bretagne which is centre-left and green.

Ho hum. May the best Breton win.

francois said...

I can only say that the Parti Breton was very smart indeed in joining forces with influential figure Christian Troadec; it was a good move in order to gain more visibility- something evident considering only last week he was thoroughly interviewed by France 3 Bretagne.

It might be too early to expect an avalanche of votes to be cast in favour of nationalist/regionalist parties...but there should be some good figures for the Parti Breton anyway.

PS- It is important to recall that the Parti Breton did attempt to join forces with the UDB...


So if there is no union in between the important nationalist/regionalist parties in Brittany, it's on the UDB's shoulder, but that's simply because they are staunch left

cornubian said...

Thanks for your comments François.

Do you have an information on what Breizhistance, AFB and others will be doing for the elections?

francois said...


As far as I know, only 8 'lists' have been announced for the moment. Here are the ones which involve the Breton nationalist/regionalist parties :

EUROPE ECOLOGIE. Back from their strong success on the European level, the group which unites the Greens, the Union Démocratique Bretonne and several other eminent figures will run independently for the first round. It should be rather succesful.

« NOUS TE FERONS BRETAGNE (Transl. We shall make you, Brittany) ». Under Christian Troadec, mayor of Carhaix which was made famous for his fight for public services in the Centre of Brittany and being the co-founder of the huge Vieilles Charrues Festival, this list also gathers the Parti breton. In the Morbihan, the list will be led pby the mayor of Langonnet, Christian Derrien. Personally, I have no idea how this is going to turn out, but I hope the work of the PB and the eminence of Mr. Troadec get the votes in.

LE FRONT DE GAUCHE: Movement which is composed of the following Leftist Parties: la Gauche Unitaire, les Alternatifs, République et Socialisme, NPA Bretagne, les objecteurs de croissance de Bretagne (ADOC) conduira sa liste. If Breizhistance join anywhere, it will probably be here...

I'm writing a dissertation on Breton nationalism and sent Breizhistance a questionnaire on their plans and priorities, but unfortunately received no reply. Every positive effort is a step in the right direction for Breton parties and the Emsav as a whole, but The Parti Breton and the UDB are the only ones who have campaigned hard enough, or presented a solid plan for voters to be inclined to cast their vote in that direction.

The AFB, Breizhistance and all other parties are yet to announce their plans for the Regional Elections and so, one cannot expect them to be very succesful, considering the lack of involvement in political discussions and debates.

That's all I know on the situation. We'll have to wait and see!

cornubian said...

Again many thanks for that.

I take it that the FRONT DE GAUCHE will contain the French state-nationalist party 'La Gauche'?

If so and considering their extreme hostility towards the question of national minorities and 'regional' languages I'd be very surprised if Breizhistance joined them.

francois said...

Yes, you're quite right! It was a misplaced assumption.

I saw your posts on this website: http://www.opendemocracy.net/patrice-de-beer/france-identity-in-question
and must say your comments were an utter necessity.

On the election; well, we'll have to wait until March!

I might have mentioned I'm writing a dissertation on Breton nationalism and can send you a copy of the study (when complete) with some of my deductions for what the horizon holds. I conducted some questionnaires in Quimper, Vannes and Rennes (not to mention online) and the end result should prove interesting.

Have a good week.

cornubian said...

Yes please do send me a copy of your dissertation when finsihed. I'd be most interested.