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Turning a blind eye

Thisiscornwall aka Northcliffe Media aka The Daily Mail Group give us one more reason to flush their rags down the pan, and now stay well clear of their website.

It seems posting on their forum can even put your reputation at stake.

Whoever controls the Thisiscornwall website has been very indulgent recently regarding the moderation of their forum. It appears one (or a group of) extremely hostile anti-Cornish contributor(s) had a freehand to post highly insulting and libellous material on the forum. This was only stopped when threats of legal action followed. More details can be found on this thread at Cornwall 24: Internet Stalkers.

One C24 regular writes:

This scandalous affair, coming close on the heels of the recent anti-Cornish diatribe of Northcliffe Media Ltd columnist 'Piran Pascoe' in the Northcliffe Media Ltd owned 'West Briton' strongly indicates that the Daily Mail/Northcliffe Media Ltd consortium that exerts majority control over the paper media information stream in Cornwall has an agenda that is not in Cornwall or her people's best interests.

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