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Economy Green Paper for Cornwall

Economy Green Paper

Friday 27 November 2009

Cornwall Council Statement of Economic Priorities and Strategic Intent: Towards a distinctive, high-value, knowledge-based 'green' Cornwall with opportunity for all

Cornwall Council's first 'Green Paper' is on the economy. Green Papers produced by government have traditionally been consultation documents, and this one by Cornwall Council is no exception in that it presents the council's ideas on a way forward and asks for detailed feedback. It sets out our initial ideas on priorities for Cornwall's economic development - both growth and regeneration - and how the council might work with partners to deliver these priorities and we invite comments from partners, businesses and the wider community.

With the help of the responses and ideas submitted in response to this green paper, we can then put together specific proposals for Cornwall that are likely to have widespread support.

Please respond to the prompts and questions and give your views on other relevant matters of concern. We are committed to working in partnership with all major players and the community in Cornwalls development, and we particularly value your contributions which will turn this green paper into definitive proposals and propositions.

This is a major opportunity to have your say in the future of Cornwall, and we hope to hear from you and to work with you to make our aspirations a reality.

The draft consultation document can be found on the Council's website. Responses can be made via the on-line form which can also be found at the address below.

Deadline for responses is Friday 22 January 2010

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