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The Democratic Society

The information and invitation below comes from a group called -The Democratic Society- an organisation which claims to "write about, think about and work on improving participation and democracy".

Thanks for your email, sorry for the delay in replying.

We're just really starting out here at the Society. We've formally been established since 2006, but we're run on a what-time-you-can-give basis, and we're all busy people. We'll be ramping up our work from 1 February, when I start working for the Society part-time on fundraising and projects.

We are a non-partisan and non-aligned organisation, meaning that we generally avoid expressing support for specific causes or political movements, but Cornish devolution raises a range of interesting democratic issues and there are a few ways in which we could work together:

1. We have a popular blog and twitter stream, and I'd be happy to offer you a guest post on the blog, to talk about how the democratic and participative elements of Cornish devolution might work.

2. We have expertise in assessing and supporting democratic governance at local and national level. Although we do charge for consultancy, we could support your organisation or the County Council in thinking about participation and governance structures either for a public discussion on devolution or greater democratic engagement with Cornish issues.

3. We will be working in the next few months on a website and plug-in for democratic debate and engagement. It probably won't be launched until the summer, but you could use it for online engagement to support point (2).

More generally, I'd be very interested to be kept up to date with your work - it's a fascinating area both geographically and politically.

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