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Thinking about the Future of Politics?

Lead by the Institute of Public Policy Research (ippr), seven leading think tanks have come together to make the case for systemic and radical reform to our political system.

The think tanks - Centre Forum, Demos, Fabian Society, ippr, Policy Exchange, Progress, and Reform – are united in calling for fundamental and far reaching changes to the way politics is conducted in the UK.

Interestingly, from a Cornish perspective, is the consensus that the UK political system is too over-centralised and that there should be significant devolution of power away from Westminster to local, accountable bodies. Step up the Cornish Constitutional Convention and their new document: The Next Push (pdf)

More on this collaboration and the connected booklet can be found here: Think Tanks unite in call for fundamental reform of politics in wake of expenses scandal.

Equally following the release of the excellent spoof Unspoken Constitution (pdf) by the Democratic Audit, they, along with Unlock Democracy, are inviting the public to rewrite the UK’s “Unspoken Constitution” on a new wiki website.

Commenting, Director of Unlock Democracy Peter Facey said:

“By adding comments and their own input online, the Unspoken Constitution will become a true people’s constitution involving the public in an exciting and original way. We’ve already made a couple of changes of our own – for example the rule that no Act of Parliament can receive Royal Assent until a member of the royal household says so in Norman French. Events over the past month alone have included plenty more material for people to insert.”

The Director of Democratic Audit Stuart Wilks-Heeg added:

“The aim of the Unspoken Constitution has been to highlight in a mischievous way the flaws in our system and act as a catalyst for wider public debate. In inviting the public to add their own comments, I see no better, and no more democratic, way to stimulate the discussion we intended.”

Click here for the Unspoken Constitution wiki.

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