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Cornish Zetetics: The democratic deficit

Cornish Zetetics: The democratic deficit

One more cutting post from what's shaping-up to be the best Cornish politics and current affairs blog going. Glad to see I'm not the only one filled with anger when our corrupt political elites urges us to 'move on'  following the expenses scandal. Isn't exactly the same thing happening with the financial crisis? Isn't a dysfunctional economic system, that forced all of us to put our hands in our pockets to save it, now being defended by our elites who simply urge us to 'get over it' and 'move on'. Anyway Cornish Zetetics offers this as a step in the right direction:

The unionist parties offer no way out, more concerned on protecting their own perks. Isn’t this the time for MK to urge the Greens and any other progressives they can find and re-launch a Reclaim Cornish Democracy campaign in good time for the General Election in six months time?

Wasn't the Cornish Constitutional Convention supposed to be exactly that?

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