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Cornwall Ecology

Following Cornish Zetetics call for a coalition of Mebyon Kernow, the Cornish Greens and any other progressive democrats from the Duchy in time for the next general election here's an idea.

Okay, the French Republic is quite different from the United Kingdom, and the problems faced by the sister nation -Brittany and Cornwall- are far from identical, but perhaps some ideas can cross the British Channel.

To stand in the recent European elections the French Greens, the regional autonomists -Régions et Peuples Solidaires- and a selection of personalities from various NGOs came together to form Europe Ecologie. A project that met with great success including an electoral score rivalling that of the French Socialist Party (the main left-wing party) and a Corsican nationalist elected MEP.

Could such an electoral platform work in the Duchy and across the rest of the UK for the next general election? In Kernow we could expect MK, the Greens and various other independent ecologists and democrats to campaign together under the themes of autonomy, democracy and ecology. Could the same be said for the rest of the UK? Considering climate change, financial crisis and expenses scandal perhaps the British public are more than ready for a progressive ecological alliance to bring in much needed changes.

The SNP, Plaid, MK, the Greens, English regionalists (or nationalists?) and any other democratic reformers campaigning under one green flag for a top to toe reform of our creaking system has got to be worth a vote. Perhaps Scotland is off on its own trajectory, I doubt if the SNP will be persuaded to join such a platform, but for Cornwall, England and Wales, surely a broad democratic and green alliance is possible.

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