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The Cornish Language

A few reasoned blog posts below on the subject of the Cornish language and road signs in the Duchy.

From Mebyon Kernow party leader and Cornwall Councillor Dick Cole.

From the Cornish Zetetics blog.

The Insane ramblings of a village idiot.

The subject of our Cornish language being used on road signs in Kernow has prompted the usual knee jerk reaction from assorted British and English nationalists, Tories and Ukippers alike.

For the record - THE SIGNS WILL COST NO EXTRA AND WILL NOT BE HARDER TO UNDERSTAND! Anybody who claims otherwise is either misinformed or lying.

On being a successful region in the UK, Europe and wider world the Cornish Constitutional Convention has the following to say in its document, The Next Push:

In this ‘market place’ it is essential to be culturally defined, creative and outwardlooking, and environmentally engaged. Successful regions will be those that are both efficient and business-like, and easily recognisable. The key recognition factors will be the drivers for promoting a region’s brand identity and must, therefore, relate positively to key brand values. This is as true in governance terms as it is in the commercial arena.

The Cornish language is a part of our 'brand identity'. It's part of our identity that marks us out and will be good for Cornish business. Moreover it is part of the worlds intangible cultural heritage and, in my opinion, is not only a question of Cornish rights but also Cornish responsibilities. To all the Duchies residents. You are the caretakers of Cornwall. You have a responsibility towards its environment, culture and heritage.

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