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Popular Sovereignty for Cornwall

I don't know how seriously to take this story but according to an insane village idiot it appears a replacement for the Cornish national flag, the St Pirans or Gwen ha du, has been mooted in the Duchy.

The republican Cornish Tricolour, it has been suggested, would be more inclusive and secular as well as being indicative of a people searching for freedom. We'll wait and see on that one perhaps.

If their is a problem with the current Cornish flag then I think it is its overuse on everything from bad pasty packaging to tourist signs. Have some respect for the national flag and leave it a dignified place in our communities whatever its design.

On another republican note it has been suggested that -localism is republicanism. The suggestion being that popular republican sovereignty, i.e power and sovereignty resting with the people, would be the ultimate form of localism or devolution.

Whilst I agree with popular sovereignty as a necessary pillar of any modern democracy I don't see it as being the solution to all our woes. Popular sovereignty would not guarantee the rights of historic nations and national minorities within a larger state. Only autonomy and constitutionally recognised cultural rights can ensure the Cornish nation has a future.

Power devolved up from the grass roots to an elected government is all well and good and a must for any future Cornish body of governance, but if the majority in a British Republic decided to give power to a government that ignored the needs of its national minorities and centralise all decision making.......

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