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Dead Cornish?

Extracts from the BBC article below:

An estimated 7,000 languages are being spoken around the world. But that number is expected to shrink rapidly in the coming decades. What is lost when a language dies?

But with the "strong will" of Israeli Jews, he says, the language was brought back into everyday use. Now it is undeniably a living breathing language once more.

Closer to home, Cornish intellectuals, inspired by the reintroduction of Hebrew, succeeded in bringing the seemingly dead Cornish language back into use in the 20th Century. In 2002 the government recognised it as a living minority language.

So what has Kernow lost and regained in with the death and rebirth of our indigenous Celtic Cornish language?

Ask yourself this simple question. Do you want a world where there is only one language and one culture that follows it?

A Big MacGlobalEnglish with homogenised culture fries to go.

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