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Cornish Money

With the arrival of the Brixton, Lewes and Stroud pounds why not re-launch the idea of a Cornish currency?

OK perhaps a currency for the whole Duchy is not on the cards but we have a few towns, along with their catchment areas, that would benefit from their own local monies.

Local currencies have been featured on this blog before and the arguments rest the same.

A pound spent locally would keep building wealth as it circulated, instead of leaking out of the Duchy, up to London and then out to the global economy. Longer term, a local Cornish pound would build economic resilience by supporting local businesses and producers, reducing our carbon footprint and helping unemployed and underemployed people. Something to think about for people committed to promoting local business and produce.

The idea has been circulating for a while now in Cornish Transition circles but with no result to date. Equally Local Exchange Trading Schemes operate in various Cornish towns but they don't have the same symbolic weight as would holding notes in your hand.

My continued advice to any group setting-up a local Cornish currency? Make them Cornish. Use some of our Celtic language for example and other symbols of Cornish distinctiveness on the notes. Previously I had suggested that a 'seal of approval' could be sought for any currency from our very own Cornish Stannary Parliament. I don't know how realistic this proposal is but why not open a dialogue to find out? Union is strength and working together we will get much further.

A guide to creating local currencies can be found here at the E. F. Schumacher Society.

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