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Business Cornwall

A refreashing point of view from Cornwall Councils Chief Executive Kevin Lavery below.
Taken from an interview on the equally interesting website for Business Cornwall.

BC: Do you think Cornwall has enough control at the moment?

KL: No, not at all. It should have greater influence…

BC: Who controls Cornwall? Is it Whitehall? The RDA?

KL: If you look at the total spend in public services in Cornwall, you’ll probably find the Council is about a quarter of the total value. There’s a lot of money spent on health, JobCentre Plus, the Ministry of Defence, the development agency and so on and so forth. I’m not saying the Council should have control of all of that, but it should have much more control than it does.

BC: Do you have a view on a Cornish Assembly?

KL: I think that is probably political at the end of the day, but what I would say is that if we can create a strong unitary with a much greater influence over other public services like health and the economy, you are making significant steps toward that.

I wonder what the Tory/Indy administration think of that?

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