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On Cornish Census Day 27th March 2011 vote Cornish

A couple of quotes on the Cornish census issue worth sharing. Join the Facebook group if your care about this as well as write to your MP and Councillors.

“The mistaken past attempts to answer the question of ‘Cornishness’ in terms of implausibly pure blood lineage or length of residence in Cornwall are generally accepted to be stale and self-defeating. Self-definition is the only sensible way forward in Cornwall, just as it is in Scotland, England and Wales, etc.

“I do hope that the ONS will give Cornwall and Cornish people a decent chance to both record and to celebrate their identity as they plan for the next Census in two years time.”

MP for the West Cornwall and Isles of Scilly constituency of St Ives,
Andrew George


The UK State Government refuses to acknowledge the Cornish right to be protected under the Council of Europe’s “Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities! (FCNM), and their failure to make transparent the Cornish right to self-identify as “Cornish” in the 2001 Census, and likewise the 2011 Census, is a covert part of this official denial.

It is also clear from a recent case in the High Court that the consequence, of this contrived lack of (Census) clarity, is being used as a tool against Cornish Rights. It was used to superficially dismiss legally presented evidence (and argument), challenging the Government’s arbitrary, and criminally negative, treatment of the Cornish people, and clearly intended to deny ‘the Cornish’ the above international protection.

It should be the duty, and obligation, of everyone – especially elected representatives (existing and aspiring) and especially the new Cornwall Council to make this right made known to all, by every means at its disposal.
Tyr Gwyr Gweryn.

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