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OfSTED and the missing Cornish option

OFSTED has buckled under pressure from English nationalists to provide an English option on their ethnic monitoring forms. Any chance the Cornish could see some fair play from this English institution?

Dear Sir / Madam

It has been brought to my attention that some forms provided by OFSTED give the options for users to record their ethnicity. The ethnic options include White British, White Scottish, White Welsh and White Irish. I believe also now a White English option has been made available following complaints from the Campaign for an English Parliament. See link: OFSTED replacing ethnic monitoring forms following CEP complaint.

I would like to ask why your forms have no option for a Cornish group, white or other, to register their ethnicity?

The ethnic data from the 2009 Cornish schools survey showed that 34% of children consider themselves to be Cornish rather than British or English. The results from the 2001 UK population census show over 37,000 people hold a Cornish identity instead of English or British. On this census, to claim to be Cornish, you had to deny being British, by crossing out the British option and then write 'Cornish' in the "other" box. For the 2001 census the Cornish were allocated the 06 code by the Office of National Statistics.

Can you please explain why a Cornish option is missing from your forms when Scottish, Welsh and now English options are available? This seems to be rather discriminatory towards a small indigenous ethnic group.

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