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Kernow Action Now!

The Cornish have a long history with direct action not the least of which being the 1497 rebellion against an unfair taxation coupled with an English establishment encroaching on Cornish rights. Community groups and movements are to be found across Kernow perhaps the most high profile ones recently being the Trelawny Alliance and STIG.

Equally in other Celtic nations anarchism has been married with demands for cultural and political rights. Take for example the Breton group Coordination Bretagne Indépendate et Libertaire (CBIL) and its many affiliated groups (1)(2)(3)(4). Rooting themselves in their culture groups such as CBIL campaign for inclusive and autonomous communities coupled with virulent anti-fascism.

It should be noted that the above are not to be confused with the perverse neo-nazi national anarchists who mix anarchism with theories of racial seperatism and purity.

Perhaps with the blog -Kernow Action Now!- it is the first time we have seen non-violent direct action married with the politics of anarchy in the Duchy. I really know nothing about them but from what I can see their focus is on environmental and social issues rather than political autonomy or cultural rights. They also look to have some connection with the Transition movement. To my eyes they seem to want to fight the good fight and Cornwall's problems can certainly be analysed from social, environmental and feminist perspectives.

Nevertheless it should be pointed out to KAN that activists who target the the myriad of undemocratic quangos that govern Kernow and the feudal Duchy with its insidious influence over our democracy would be applauded by the Cornish movement.

A thread exists on the Cornwall 24 forum -Calling Cornish Anarchists- so perhaps KAN could be invited to tell us a little bit more about themselves. If anyone fancies jumping into the lions den then there is a thread on the Libcom forum called -Cornish Anarchists / Cornish Autonomists. Be warned though! The word 'nationalist' causes a violent reaction.

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Siluro_Nedi said...

That's very true, Plaid Cymru's political ideology is greatly influenced by both Anarcho-Syndicalism & Guild Socialism - both Libertarian Socialist stances. They helped influence its policy makers like D.J. Davies & the late Raymond Williams.

They ultimately shaped Plaid's notions of the community (& workplaces within the community) being the first possible rung of self-organisation and the basis for the Decentralist Socialism which survives in their manifesto to this day.

Yet Welsh Anarchists, riddled with bizarre 1930s preconceptions of 'Nationalism' persist in organising independently, without sympathising that communities might seek to realise Libertarian politics with their traditional cultures intact!