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The Skipper

This is just a quick response to the article from the Skipper in the Falmouth Packet dated August 19th 2009. The article was titled : No-nonsense mayor elected.

That the Skipper in the Falmouth Packet yet again champions simple minded populism and jingoistic politics comes as no surprise.

I wonder if the Skipper is aware that shortly after his election Ron Davies and his 'promises' were taken to task in interview on BBC local radio in Doncaster and his populism exposed for the nonsense it is? Well this is what you get when you vote for the `tell it like it is man in the pub` with hard right tendencies. It may all sound good when three sheets in the wind but when the sun comes up and when questioned by someone with an ounce of political sense it's all soon scat to larrups. By the end of the interview Ron had to run and fled the studio unable to respond to the questions.

Equally I ask myself if the Skipper knows (how could he not?) that Ron Davies is a member of the hard right English nationalist party the English Democrats who wish to create an English Parliament? What another parliament in London would do for Cornwall I have no idea.

Finally, but probably of most concern, I wonder what the Skipper thinks of the now proven alliance between the English Democrats and the extreme right white nationalist England First Party in the north of England?

Is white supremacism part of the Skippers no nonsense approach to politics? I don't know what chance there is of these questions getting a response in the Packet but perhaps the Skipper could be tempted to comment on the blog Cornish Against Racism:


Included is a link to the interview with Ron Davies: Click here.

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