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Looe Councillor behind anti-Irish Traveller Campaign?

LOOE councillors are under investigation over alleged discrimination against a woman who recently stood in the Cornwall Council elections.

Kathrina Ring, who describes herself as coming from Irish travelling stock, has made a formal complaint to Cornwall Council's standards committee. In a separate matter Mrs Ring has also contacted police in Liskeard alleging she suffered racial hatred from individuals in the town during her election campaign."

Story here


Anonymous said...

I'm a Cornish man myself and I was sickened by what this poor woman had to go through and most probably still is. It's a disgrace when a Council such as Looe Town Council think they can treat people in this manner, the penilities should be at the highest for this and Looe Town Council should be made an example of. I will certainly be following Cornish Democrat after this. This woman in reality is amazing she is still despite all she has been through, committed to her community work.

Anonymous said...

What a shame that this woman just because she was not elected feels that it is because of her race, I would imagine that if the people of Looe had wanted her voted in they would have done, but as she was standing against a man who is well known and respected in Looe he clearly won because people trusted he would represent them better.