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English or Cornish Heritage?

A surprising bit of honesty from the BBC concerning the vandalising of Launceston Castle recently. 

First we have "Vandals have damaged part of a Cornish castle dating back to the 11th Century". Note the use of 'Cornish castle' instead of a Cornwall castle or a castle in the West Country.

Then I almost fell out of my chair when I read the following: "English Heritage, which maintains and runs the castle on behalf of the Duchy of Cornwall, said the stones were smashed and impossible to repair".

Is it me or have I never seen the BBC, or other establisment body for that matter, admit that the Duchy owns sites such as Launceston Castle?

Is it that our letters and e-mails of complaint are actually having an affect? All the more reason to continue.

Why do we need subcontractors like the Historic Buildings and Monuments Trusts, aka English Heritage, in Kernow in the first place? Surely the Duke could invest some of his massive profits to create a Cornish Heritage organisation charged with maintaining sites owned by the Duchy in the Duchy for the people of the Duchy.

Our own Cornish Heritage can be found by clicking here.

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