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Democratic Renewal Now

A good article here from Timothy Garton Ash on the Guardian website.

Importantly Ash is trying to keep the momentum up for radical democratic and constitutional renewal in the UK. All strength to his arm and wouldn't it be good to see our Cornish reformers, human rights and democracy campaigners coordinating activities in the Duchy.

Ash writes:

Meanwhile, outside parliament and its television studios, there's a plethora of initiatives fizzing off in all directions. This evening you can attend a rally in Westminster's Methodist Central Hall, organised by the Vote for Change coalition, with music by Billy Bragg to stir your stumps for electoral reform. The Unlock Democracy campaign has a draft bill to empower a citizens' deliberative convention to decide on a set of major reforms. 38degrees.org.uk aims to create a British online community for change, like MoveOn.org in the US. A new initiative called Real Change (on whose steering committee I sit) aims to launch a thousand small civic meetings across the country, probably leading on to a reform convention this autumn.

A choice of projects to engage with. Take your pick.

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