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My Cornwall TV

A Cornwall based online television channel was launched earlier this month (2nd July) dedicated to all things Cornish.

From the Celtic League: `My Cornwall TV' is available on the internet site www.mycornwall.tv and via selected third party platforms and offers a "suite of Cornwall-themed TV channels" that will cover the latest news, sports and leisure activities on original commissioned programming. The programmes will be initially aimed at the tourist market, the Cornish community world wide and those moving to the country, but plans to also offer other channels in the near future that cover the Arts, Culture and Property.

At the date of its commercial launch, the website hosted the channels Mykernow TV, Gastronome, Adrenaline Junkie and Eden Project TV, in partnership with some of Cornwall's most well known commercial brands, such as the Hotel and Extreme Academy, Eden Project and Jamie Oliver's restaurant Fifteen Cornwall.

Dorian Spackman, managing director of mycornwall.tv, said:

"There are an estimated 10 million Cornish descendants around the world, as well as 5 million plus people who visit Cornwall annually and over 10,000 people who relocate here every year, not forgetting the 500,000 people for whom Cornwall is already home. mycornwall.tv offers a unique way for businesses to communicate with these numbers in a sustained and targeted way, at the same time as connecting consumers with a particular interest or passion for Cornwall with the brands and companies that really matter to them.

Cornwall engenders strong emotions amongst many people and by tapping into this powerful allegiance and passion, mycornwall.tv will offer viewers compelling programming, highly relevant to their particular interest in Cornwall…"

The online TV service fills a much needed independent media gap in Cornwall and hopefully it can maintain its independent status. The Celtic League hopes that my Cornwall tv will also be hosting a Cornish language tv channel on the site in the near future too.


My Cornwall TV:



Dorian Spackman – Managing Director, mycornwall.tv
07802 796468

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J B Moffatt
Director of Information
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