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Can we expect real change for Cornwall?

Would a synthesis between the ongoing campaign for Cornish devolution (see Government of Cornwall Bill) and Real Change be possible?

Something for the Cornish Constitutional Convention and other supporters of devolution to look into. Equally could the many unanswered questions around Cornwalls constitutional status be included in the Real Change process as it runs in Cornwall? Finally could citizens groups such as the Trelawney Alliance benefit from the project? Perhaps the Real Change campaign isn't the horse to back but look around and you'll find plenty of others so lets not waste a good crisis! Below is an e-mail received from the Real Change campaign.

Dear Supporter of Real Change,

Welcome to the Open Politics Network! Thanks for being amongst the first to join the Real Change project. As someone concerned with cleaning up and reforming our political system, we hope you will get involved with Real Change and be amongst the first to hold or attend a meeting and feed back the results to be discussed at a large convention on the future of our democracy in the autumn.

This is an experimental process as we work out how to join together to build a popular force of citizens for democratic change. We are encouraging a first round of meetings that will feed back and help improve the quality of the resources and advice that we provide on the Real Change website. To check these out go to the Start a Meeting section of the website. What we'd really like for you to do to get things started is hold one of these Real Change meetings, even if it's just you and two friends, using the meetings material on the website. After the meeting you can feed back the results using the simple feedback form we provide: this will help us improve the advice we offer in order to make these meetings as constructive and engaging as possible and will ultimately feed into the people's convention in the autumn. If you have any comments or queries on the meetings process, then please don't hesitate to contact us.

You can also follow coverage of Real Change on the website and we will be posting related articles and media in the Blog section. There you will find a fascinating ongoing debate in response to Real Change co-chair Anthony Barnett's article setting out seven possible campaigning strategies for democratic reform ahead of the next election. We have published a strong series of responses so far from Peter Oborne, Melissa Lane, Stuart White, John Jackson, Suzanne Moore, David Marquand and Jeremy Gilbert. Read them here.

The discussion was also picked up by Timothy Garton Ash in the Guardian and by Andreas Whittam Smith in the Independent, who added an eighth possible strategy to Anthony's list. If you blog about Real Change do let us know so that we can add your postings to our list of coverage on the website and widen the debate.

We look forward to working with you towards a growing democratic movement for Real Change and are more than happy to answer any queries you might have about the project.

Adam and Guy

For the Real Change team


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