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The Anglo-British

An English nationalist pointed me towards the quote below following my comments here that the Tories could be described as greater-England nationalists i.e very pro-English but conceive their nation as being England plus some Celtic bits strapped on. The type that confound Britain and England without concern.

Prof Chris Bryant describes these people as the Anglo-British, people who "do not notice when an institution or person associated with England performs a British function. For example, it goes unremarked that the Bank of England is the central bank for all Britain, or that the Archbishop of Canterbury, the primate of the Church of England, crowns the sovereign of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Nor do countless references to ‘England’ which should have been to ‘Britain’ grate on the English ear. Walter Bagehot’s famous The English Constitution (1964 [1867]), for example, does not strike the Anglo-British as mistitled."

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