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Vote Cornwall

Perhaps I and others have spent too much time on Cornwall 24 explaining why not to vote for this or that party so here goes. 

Off the top of my head here are some reasons to vote for Mebyon Kernow bearing in mind that people across the South West government zone will be able to vote for them in the Euro elections.

1) If you want elected representatives who live in the Duchy and who will put Cornwall and ALL here residents first then MK are really the only choice. When I write 'ALL' that's exactly what is meant. This video from Plaid -Why do some peddle the myth that being pro-Welsh independence means you're anti-English?- rings 100% true for Mebyon Kernow. MK are the only party who are totally committed to giving more power to all Cornwall's residents whilst equally being 100% against all forms of prejudice.

2) If you want to vote for Cornwall and see it as being more than just the toe end of England and a holiday resort/retirement home then MK is your party.

3) If you want to vote Cornwall as well as green then MK is your only choice. I've plenty of time for colleagues in the Green party for England & Wales but they still recognised Cornwall as being party of the South West of England.

4) If you see the historic nations and regions of these Isles and Europe as a treasure and source of strength, if you value diversity, then vote MK. Vote for cooperation and diversity together.

5) If you wish to a) register your protest at the recent political scandal; b) state your disillusion with the big three London parties and/or c) express your anger at the economic crisis then a vote for MK will allow you to do just that. A clear protest vote without having to support the Fascist BNP or corrupt UKIP. This is applicable to all residents of the South West.

6) If you think the UK is overly centralised in London and that the state needs radical democratic reform then a vote for MK will carry that message loud and clear. Again this applies to all peoples of the South West.

7) If you want a party that is neither blindly europhilic nor rabidly europhobic then MK is your eurorealist choice. MK are committed to a green, democratic Europe that protects its citizens and their jobs. An EU for the people and peoples of Europe not just the bankers.

Please feel free to add to the list.

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