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Tories and the Cornish nationalist vote

First we had the creation of a 'Shadow Minister for Cornwall' in the person of Mark Prisk. Notice how Cameron describes Cornwall as a Duchy in the clip above, something recommended by the Kilbrandon report many years ago.

Then came the following in - Cameron Calls for Honesty on the State of the Union:

"It is in fact about identity. You see it all over Europe, all over the world. People are seeking a clear identity; often a more localised identity. Just look at the rise of Cornish nationalists. I think we shouldn't fight that; I think we should build on top of that to create an inclusive British identity." 

Now we find the Tory leader claiming that the "Tories were ‘wrong’ on devolution" as well as mentioning the UKs 'native minorities' (to be defined).

What next?

In the Duchy Mebyon Kernow have beaten Labour in both the Unitary council and European elections. An interesting perspective is given on that by Matt Wardman in his esay - What happens to Labour if the Tories back strong devolution?

The new administration in the council is a coalition of Tories and Independents some of the latter easily describable as independent Cornish nationalists.

The target for the Conservatives in Cornwall are the Liberal Democrat MPs (Labour are simply a non entity). Traditionally the Lib Dems have often played their Cornishness to the full, commonly to the point of campaigning on nationalist issues. Are the Tories building up to a similar strategy? Will they offer us recognition as a Duchy plus a dash of devolved powers?

With a nod to both Cornish national identity and Cornish euroscepticism they could be onto a winner.

Finally just a note to bookmark this -Tory AM calls for a Welsh parliament in a federal British state. Can we expect the same for Cornwall?

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