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One Cornwall One Planet

One Cornwall One Planet is a cross party ecological campaigning platform that contains a number of Independents as well as Julie Tamblin of Mebyon Kernow. They have close ties with the Cornish Greens and the Transition Town movement in the Duchy.

We are at a turning point in our history. We know the challenges that face us. Climate change on an unprecedented scale; a continuing, and irrevocable reduction in fossil fuels; a world financial and economic system under stress and threat of collapse; an unsustainable world population.
Their full manifesto can be downloaded from: OneCornwall OnePlanet Manifesto

Congratulations to one of their number, Bob Egerton, who was elected to the Cornwall Council. On their website it states that Bob won't be joining the Independent group because "the range of views and policies across that group will be wide and many of the councillors in that group will not be sympathetic to the views and policies of One Cornwall One Planet. "

So why not join MK instead Bob?

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