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The blue vote blues

There is no doubt about it, in Kernow, the South West government zone and United Kingdom the right has come out on top. 

Perhaps due to a large abstention, the fact remains Cornwall (plus SWGZ) is sending Ukippers and Tories to the European Parliament. What will the Duchy get for its large support of the right? How will UKIP and the Tories defend Cornwalls interests in Europe? UKIP is famously in favour of wrecking the EU so I doubt if Cornish economic or cultural issues will be high on their agenda.

That leaves the Conservatives, but here we have David Cameron's decision to lead the Conservative party out of the centre-right European Peoples Party in the EU parliament. This will leave the Tories in Europe isolated and keeping the company of extremists and the hard state-nationalist right.

T.G Ash sums up the situation well with this question from his article -The farce of Cameron's Latvian legion is bad for Britain and bad for Europe- How would you describe a British politician who prefers getting acquainted with the finer points of the history of the Waffen-SS in Latvia to maximising British influence with Barack Obama? An idiot? A madman? A nincompoop?

The picture is similar across the EU. The French state, again due in large part to abstentionism, has also seen a victory for the right (the UMP plus hangers-on), whilst the left and centre (Parti Socialist & MoDem ) like Labour and the Lib Dems have taken a good slap across the chops.

However we must recognise the phenomenal success of the electoral platform Europe Ecologie, regrouping Greens, independent ecologists and democratic regionalists from around the French state. 16.28% of the vote and 14 MEPs, up from 6 in 2004, one of whom is a Corsican autonomist.

We have Plaid and the SNP fighting their own corners and the English Greens going head to head with Mebyon Kernow in the South West. Each for his own with cooperation happening only after the event inside the EFA/Green alliance in Europe.

Oh well, the UK isn't France, but all the same, wouldn't it have been good to see Cornwall as well as the rest of the SWGZ send someone useful to the European Parliament?

Is there a glimmer of hope for a voice for Cornwall and its needs in our only MEP, Graham Watson, not from the right or hard right? One to be contacted perhaps.

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