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The Gibraltar 8

8 votes for Mebyon Kernow in Gibraltar, 14,922 in total across the South West government zone and 11,534 in the Duchy itself.

Now if only these Gibraltar 8 along with all the others who voted for MK could be persuaded to either join the party or get involved in another part of the Cornish movement. We would be a truly unstoppable force for the good of Cornwall and all who live and work in the Duchy.

Labour and the Lib Dems are in disarray and generally the big three London based parties can't seem to help but discredit themselves week after week. Now more than ever it is time to build on the democratic, reformist, ecological and progressive alternative to Tory, Lib Dem, Labour (i.e London) that MK offers.

Cornwall and its communities deserve the best so what not help ensure they get the best.

Perhaps now is a judicious moment to restate Mebyon Kernows core values.

The Core Values of Mebyon Kernow - The Party For Cornwall

Mebyon Kernow - the Party for Cornwall is a modern and progressive political party. It is a party of principle, campaigning for a better deal for Cornwall and a fairer, more equitable World.

We exist to fight for ALL the people of Cornwall, with a political programme that puts Cornwall first and offers an alternative to the London-centred parties.

It is our belief that the historic nation of Cornwall, with its own distinct identity, language and heritage, has the same right to self-determination as Scotland and Wales. We should have more say in how our lives are run and Mebyon Kernow is leading the campaign for the self-government of Cornwall, through the establishment of a legislative Assembly.

We will play our part in building a confident and outward-looking Cornwall, that has the power to take decisions for itself. To achieve this, our detailed policies are founded on the core values of prosperity for all, social justice and environmental protection.


Mebyon Kernow is committed to a society based on real equality of opportunity, helping people to achieve their full potential in life. We want Cornwall and its communities to be successful, with all residents sharing equally in that success through thriving businesses, worthwhile and secure employment, decent wages, access to genuinely affordable housing and good quality public services.


The Party for Cornwall is committed to a just and fair society. We believe that effective public intervention is needed to combat poverty, tackle social deprivation and fight for the disadvantaged. We will strive to build strong inclusive communities with free and equal access to well-funded education, healthcare and welfare services, run for the benefit of everyone.


Safeguarding the environment is central to Mebyon Kernow's policies. The World faces severe environmental crises, which require radical action on a worldwide basis to promote real sustainability. Mebyon Kernow - the Party for Cornwall will not shirk from difficult decisions to protect and enhance the environment for future generations.

Mebyon Kernow is international in outlook. Our vision for Cornwall and the World is underpinned by respect for the diversity of the planet, both its human cultural traditions and its natural environment. We believe that nations and regions must work together to promote greater understanding, foster peace and help reduce global inequality, so that all peoples, families and individuals can live their lives free from conflict, poverty, exploitation and environmental degradation.

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