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Democratic Renewal Now! Update

An update below from Unlock Democracy on two campaigns for democratic reform.

With Parliament finally getting around to publishing records of MPs' expenses, yet blacking out huge amounts of pertinent information, it does not look as if the current crisis gripping our political system shows any sign of abating soon. Do something positive about it by attending the Vote for a Change Rally on 9 July and writing to your MP about the Citizens Convention (Accountability and Ethics) Bill campaign.

Rally for a Change, Thursday 9 July, 6.30pm

Methodist Central Hall, Westminster

Vote for a Change campaign is holding a rally on Thursday 9 July to put pressure on politicians to hold a referendum on electoral reform. There will be music, poetry and the chance to put leading politicians on the spot. We will publish more details when we have them but this is definitely an event not to be missed. To register or for more details email mailto:emailnaomi@voteforachange.co.uk

To help promote the event, you can download a flyer to pass on to your friends or colleagues:
Opens pdf.

Citizens Convention Bill

We've had a tremendous response to the Citizens Convention (Accountability and Ethics) Bill campaign and hundreds of you have now written to your MP. If you haven't done so already, click here to fire off a short email to your MP (the easy way, courtesy of 38 Degrees) and see our website for more information about the Citizens Convention Bill itself.

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