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The Cornish Election Results Commented

Mebyon Kernow has three good men, Dick Cole, Andrew Long and Stuart Cullimore, on the council and obtained around 17% of the vote in the 33 wards contested.

In the European elections the Party for Cornwall has achieved its best-ever 'national' election result. MK polled 11,534 votes (7% of the total) in the Cornish part of the South West Euro-constituency, pushing the Labour Party into sixth place in the Duchy. In many places in Mid and West Cornwall, MK was polling over 10%.When votes from the Isles of Scilly, Gibraltar and throughout the massive South West seat (including Bristol, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire) were added in, the MK total finished at 14,922 in front of Libertas, No2EU and a number of others.

A modest success but certainly to be built on.

The result of the European Election in Cornwall were as follows: Conservative Party 46,589 UKIP 39,954 Liberal Democrats 29,436 Green Party 13,361 Mebyon Kernow 11,534 Labour Party 8,483 BNP 5,118 Pensioners Party 3,944 Christian Party 2,168 English Democrats 1,781 Katie Hopkins (Ind) 1,117 Socialist Labour 1,058 NO2EU 890 Fair Pay, Fair Trade 660 Libertas 608 Jury Team 519 WAI D 107.

Well done to ALL the MK candidates who stood and personally I'd like to thank you for your hard work. Please keep it up. Let's look forward to future elections whether Town, Parish, Council, General or European. Get out there and work your arses off for your communities and Cornwall. Involve yourselves in community projects and get yourselves into the media. The Trelawny Alliance is one example of a group that needs you now.

To increase membership as well as numbers of future candidates must also be a priority. All Liberal and Labour supporters disillusioned with their respective parties, and all people who just want to work for Kernow, why not join the young and dynamic MK team. The only Team Kernow.

Equally gratifying to see such pro-Cornish independents as Bert Biscoe (Cornish Constitutional Convention), Graeme Hicks, Julian German, Neil Plummer and Mark Kaczmarek, among others, elected. I'd love to see them join MK one day, but here's to them all working alongside the MK men for the good of the Cornish Nation.

No Greens elected even if St Ives was a close call. It was a shame to see MK and the Greens standing against each other in a few seats. Wasted efforts from two parties that share so much. Understandably any MK / Green electoral pact was scuppered by MK standing in the EU elections. This is something that needs to be considered carefully next time around. I hope they understand the publicity opportunity the European elections offered MK. For the future will it be possible to combine MKs need for publicity with a Green alliance?

And what of the Cornish Nationalist Party that supposedly re-grouped to fight the council elections? Where are they? Did any of them stand?

As for the Conservatives who are now the largest group on the Council, perhaps it's time to reminded them of their party leaders 'Duchy' comments and the recommendations of the Kilbrandon Report on the UK constitution which supports his choice of words. What can we expect from the 'Shadow Minister' for Cornwall and all the recent talk of localism and empowering the people? Lets see what they have in mind.

Post script.

* In order to be allowed party election broadcasts, MK would have had to stand candidates in nine regions. Due to this unfair arrangement, MK were denied media coverage, though many minor parties including the BNP, Christian Party, the Jury Team, Libertas, No2EU and Socialist Labour were allowed coverage.

* The Green Party and UKIP were both allowed two European election broadcasts, as well as one each for the local elections. MK had more local election candidates than the Greens and UKIP but were not allowed coverage because we do not stand outside of Cornwall.

* At the same time, there was very little coverage of the European election in local newspapers and MK had little opportunity to feature on reports on local television.


Andy H said...

I didn't bother voting.

CR said...

"A modest success but certainly to be built on."

Indeed, we looked at the quite modest returns for anti-GFA republicans in previous elections in the same light.

Good luck to you all and I hope we Irish Republican Socialists can offer some assistance at some point.