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Constructive Contradiction

This release -Minister 'Stands Ready' to give Cornwall more 'Local Empowerment'- from MP Andrew George will hopefully inspire the new direction in charge of Kernow, but I wonder if his own party is taking note?

Mebyon Kernow party leader Dick Cole has suggested that a power sharing arrangement involving ALL parties with elected councillors would have provided Cornwall with the best form of government. It would have certainly been the most democratically representative solution. He goes on to add:

"Sadly, this was not to be. The Liberal Democrats decided that they did not wish to participate in such an arrangement and resolved to go into what they have termed ‘constructive’ opposition. “It remains our hope that everyone on the new Council can rise above political differences and pool all talents and resources to build a more successful and prosperous Cornwall.”

Prior to the press release above the Commons debate secured by Andrew George can be found here: Commons Debate 3rd June 2009.

An extract is given below:

In spite of having been opposed to it, I want to ensure that the council is a great success. The Government need to recognise that, underlying a rather frustrated local government sector in Cornwall and a rather disenchanted electorate—we will see by Friday evening what result they produce for us—there is great ambition for Cornwall. In any area there is the silliness of the extreme fringes, but Cornwall, with its own language, history and strong constitutional status on account of the Duchy, has strong arguments to promote its diversity and cultural strength. It is not a case of Cornwall wanting to cut itself off from the rest of the country and to become rather nationalistic and narrow, but rather of Cornwall wanting to enter into the celebration of diversity in the UK and the wider world, but it can do that only from a position of strength, not if it has little latitude to take decisions.

When he said "extreme fringes" and "nationalistic and narrow" surely Mr George was not thinking of the Cornish Stannary Parliament who he has often consulted on Cornish constitutional issues. Who could he have meant then? Did he mean Mebyon Kernow the party he was once a proud member of? The self same party currently offering an olive branch to the new administration in the Council with the hope that one and all can work together for the benefit of the Kernow.

Compare that to the Lib Dems who are intent on sulking in 'constructive opposition' for purely party political reasons. Not really trying to ensure the council is a great success then?

We all agree Mr George. Your document -Cornwall: A New Beginning?- is truly excellent, it hits many a Cornish nail on the head, but don't tell us tell your own party whose narrow self imposed fringe behaviour does Kernow a disservice and whose lies and corruption has seen them kicked out of power.

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