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Do UKIP have a pact with the BNP?

Within the Telegraph article -UKIP’s efforts to win over middle-England- the following telling statistics can be found.

It may not be an official pact, but the BNP is free from a Ukip challenge in 80 per cent of the seats it is contesting, while Ukip has no BNP challenger in 85 per cent of the seats in which it is standing.

Has UKIP formed an unspoken pact of non-agression with the fascists BNP? Both want out of the EU, and they’re both strongly anti-immigration. Both parties know that they are competing for much the same relatively small fringe of discontented anti-EU, anti-immigration voters. It would make sense for them to cooperate but will they be honest about it?

At least the English Democrats have not tried to hide their alliance with the white nationalist England First Party.

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