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R8YourPolitician and Cornwall

A response here from the R8YourPolitician project.

The R8YourPolitician web site is an excellent tool for people who campaign, lobby and petition the government. The website is open to everyone in the UK. Small groups, large groups, youth groups, community groups. It is there for everyone to use.

R8 Your Politician takes an independent position. We do not get involved in anyone’s Politics or Political campaigns. We merely facilitate the rating of Politicians, maintain the web platform as a shared space for everyone to use. It’s up to the citizens to put forward questions for opinion polls for the website. It’s up to citizens to send us articles, videos and photos.

If anyone in any of the organisations you know and deal with would like to send us some articles on the topics that are most important to them then we will add them to the website. We would like to highlight the issues that are important to citizens across the UK. We believe that the R8YourPolitician website will empower citizens at the local level and help them get their message out to the mainstream, backed with good, accurate, professional public opinion polls. If enough people take part then politicians cannot ignore the data. The polls will also be widely viewable by the rest of the country.

If a group or organisation would like a “public opinion poll” added to the website then kindly ask that group or organisation to submit the questions for the Poll to us. We would really like an organisation or group to official commission a Poll on the web site. So we would create the Poll and next to it say “this poll is commissioned by >” . Also the website is organised into counties. We envisage for each county section of the website local news, local polls and information relevant to citizens in that county. If you or any of your friends would like to help us get the ball rolling for your county then please send us the relevant information for your region. I live in Belfast, I may not be the best person to be adding what I think is the best information for people in your region. Ideally we would like active citizens engaging and telling us what they wish to see.

For example, say you live in Cornwall

When you browse to the Cornwall section of the website you would like to see local news, links to the local politicians in that area, articles, blogs and other links to relevant sources for people in that region. We are open to suggestions and ways to better improve the site and services for citizens. The website style and features are not set in stone if enough citizens request the same changes we would put them forward for change.

We are currently meeting with Politicians and getting them on board with this project, so far we have 7 politicians. Please encourage your local Politician to send us an email and endorse this project. We are here to help create more accountability and transparency in government. The project needs active citizens as well. If you are a member of a particular organisation that campaigns then what we can offer you is your own section of the website with your own unique URL.

Example : http://www.R8YourPolitician.co.uk/mygroup

From this interface the group or organisation can manage their own blog (included in main site) , forum, media and run your own polls etc. We are currently testing this section of the website we just need a group or organisation to test it with.

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Belfast said...

Thanks for posting highlighting the project,

we currently went out on the BBC on thrusday night.