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English Democrats in Cornwall

With the news that Keith Riley, former Liberal Democrat, will be standing in the Unitary elections (Newquay Pentire) for the English Democrats Party (EDP), Cornish Against Racism would like to ask the candidate what he thinks of his parties electoral alliance with the extreme right wing white nationalist England First Party? 

An article exposing the connections between the EDP and EFP can be read here on the Open Democracy website.


Anonymous said...

You really have been taken in by the BNP propoganda against the English Democrats

cornubian said...

Is that so? Well why can Mr Steve Uncles, one of the EDP leadership team, be seen in the article from OurKingdom linked to, defending their strategy of alliance with the fascist England First Party?

Anonymous said...

The English Democrats are full of anti-Scottish, anti-Irish, anti-Cornish, anti-Welsh rhetoric... in fact anything that they perceive to be 'not English'... although St George (Turk) is seen as English. Hmmm.