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The Cornish Internet Invasion Continues

Vote Match Europe, a project in part from Unlock Democracy is due for launch on Monday 11 May. 

Vote Match is a short quiz that voters can fill in to match their views with the views of the election candidates. In the interests of minimising any unintended biases, the tool is intended to be as transparent as possible: Candidates and parties will be asked to provide their own answers based on their own published policy. Users can include and/or exclude parties and candidates from the survey as they see fit and add extra weight to those issues which they consider to be important. The website does not simply give you an answer - it shows you how the results are calculated. Vote Match is not about telling people how to vote and we do not support any political party. Rather, it is about encouraging voters to consider which issues are important and informing them about where the parties and candidates stand.

Next Mash the State is campaigning for all UK local councils to provide RSS news feeds on what they are doing. Such an RSS feed service would allow people to have regular and frequent updates on Council news via the Internet. Cornwall Council currently does not provide an RSS feed. More information on the campaign here. Mash the State are a grassroots campaign to encourage UK government and public sector organisations to make their data available to the general public.

Finally Rate Your Politician have created a new E-Democracy web platform for the citizens of the UK that, among other things allows you to rate your politicians.

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