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Some random developments

Worth blogging here about some new developments.

The first is a new portal website to authentic Cornish culture (link here: Cornish Culture). A telling comment from one of our leading historians sums things up nicely: "Well done, whoever has put that up. And what is there is just the tip of the iceberg. Now, compare its contents with Cornish culture as disgracefully defined by 'Culture South West'"

Next is a website for a campaign to obtain a stadium for the Duchy (link here: Stadium for Cornwall). A European region and historic nation such as Cornwall deserves and would clearly benefit from such a stadium, but where to put it? Not in Truro please!

Finally a new local radio station has been created for Penwith (link here: Penwith Radio). For the people of Penwith to ensure it has plenty of real Cornish content.

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