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Government trousers Cornish millions

I promised more on this topic in an earlier post and Cornish World has jogged my memory. 

The Liberal Democrat parliamentary team, not totally useless I'll admit, has exposed that the Treasury has pocketed almost £25 million in European funding that could have come Cornwall's way.

Those lovely men in government with the Duchies best interests at heart turned down an invitation from Brussels to extend the spending deadline for unused European Regional Development Funds (ERDF).

Being part of an economic crisis relaunch package from the European Union Kernow would have had an extra six months to spend this money.

Nearly all other countries accepted the invitation to push back the deadline and the UK government accepted the extension for Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland but not Cornwall.

The money will now be subtracted from the UKs contribution to the EU, our MPs claiming that the savings will be used to plug a hole in the Treasuries finances.

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