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Developments : Kuntellyans Kernewek & the Cornish Nationalist Party

Perhaps what a vast majority of people involved in the Cornish movement have wanted to see for a long time may finally have begun to take shape. 

The Cornwall Info blog reports here on a gathering of Cornish organisations that will hopefully become a regular event. It's something I've suggested in the past and I'm happy to see it become a reality. The Cornish Stannary Parliament, Cornish Heritage, Mebyon Kernow, the Celtic League and Celtic Congress were present for the first reunion. The issue of the meeting was an agreement on joint action in Europe regarding Cornish recognition under the framework convention for the protection of national minorities (FCNM).

To ensure efficient working and to avoid misunderstandings between the various pro-Cornish organisations clear regular communication is a must. This should be achieved via these regular meetings the first of which we have seen. I sincerely hope that all members of each organisation take a keen interest in these meetings. Anybody that jeopardise this unity must be held to account by all of us.

It will be interesting to see if these meeting broaden to include representation from the likes of the Cornish Greens, CoSERG and independent Cornish councillors.

The Return of the Cornish Nationalist Party

Secondly it's been reported on the This is Cornwall website that the long dormant Cornish Nationalist Party has regrouped and reorganised to fight in the new Cornwall Council elections; article here.

The only policy direction we have to go on so far is the following: "The CNP has been fully supportive of the new Cornish unitary authority as the way forward in governing Cornwall, and we have decided to show our support by restructuring in a way that mirrors Cornwall Council." They also dismiss a Cornish Assembly as a way forward whilst claiming to be the defenders of Cornish culture.

It's always good to see Cornish activists motivated and out there engaging with Cornwall's public but a split nationalist vote in the unitary election is the glaringly obvious concern. It will make it harder to get pro-Cornish people of any type elected to the unitary. The CNP claim to be supportive of the Cornish unitary authority, but what does this mean? If elected MK councillors are not going to set about wrecking the new council. In stark contrast to the London based parties MK will however fight 100% for Cornish interests. Do the CNP want to make this harder to achieve? If so why?

Rumours of Liberal Democrat dirty tricks are already circulating along with the suggestion that the LD's are going to target MK strongholds and the nationalist vote. Is it just pure coincidence that in the build up to a string of big elections, and around the the same time the CNP return, a gaggle of websites pop-up promoting non-existent nationalist parties [1][2][3]?

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