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Cornish Language Forum

What a great idea. A Cornish language forum where all the interminable squabbling about orthographies is outlawed. Forum here: Keskowsva an Gernewegva

Only positive and constructive comments, in Cornish or English, welcome.

Ottomma assay nowyth gwruthyl keskowsva yn hag a-dro dhe'n taves Kernewek - yn unn asa an breselyow-lytherennans a-denewen...

Keskowsva an Gernewegva yw spas may hyll pub dyskor, dyskador po Kerneweger freth dadhla a-dro dhe oll an maters usi ow tochya orth an yeth *marnas onan* (an vresel yntra'n systemow lytherennans).

Rag omjunnya, nyns yw res ri agas henwyn, nyns yw res usya neb system lytherennans, ha nyns yw res sywya neb linen-barti sodhogel.

Gwren ni gweres an eyl y gila keffrys ha'n dhyskoryon. Re a dus re gemeras digolon gans an omladhow y'n termyn eus passys!


Here's a new attempt to create a forum in and about the Cornish language - while leaving the spelling wars out of the game...

Keskowsva an Gernewegva is a space where every learner, teacher or fluent speaker of Cornish can discuss all matters related to the language *except one* (the war between spelling systems).

In order to join, you don't need to give your name(s), use any single orthography, or tread any official party line.

Let's just help one another and the learners. Too many people have been scared away by the in-fighting in the past.

Keskowsva an Gernewegva


Jim Morrison said...

Great Idea!
Unfortunately, the link seems to be broken.
Hopefully you will get this up and running soon.
One way to spread knowledge of Cornish would be to find a simple way of enabling current speakers to pass on their knowledge. I have made a free program to do this and a fluent Manx speaker has been using it here (http://www.mylanguagenotebook.com/learn_manx.aspx) to make make Manx lessons with audio that anyone can use.
I hope it can be useful for Cornish too.
All the best,

cornubian said...

Thanks for the the website suggestion.

My link works BTW. Try again.