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Real Cornish Histories

The Runnymede Trust runs a website called -Real Histories- which describes itself as a "resource tool for teachers, parents, pupils and the wider community to support them in teaching and learning about cultural diversity in the UK."

You can propose organisations and websites to them for inclusion within the resource. Following one of my e-mails I received this reply:

Thank you for your message. You will notice that the Real Histories Directory allows individuals or organisations to submit resources to the Directory at (click here).

Once an entry is submitted, it is reviewed and, if suitable for schools in helping to teach and learn about cultural diversity in the UK, approved. If you know of resources that would be appropriate, please do feel free to submit them to the Directory. We do already include resources for the Welsh and Irish, so I am sure that there is no reason to exclude resources for the Cornish. I look forward to hearing from you.

Perhaps this would be of interest to our Cornish language and cultural organisations.

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