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For One but not All

Hats off once again to Cornish World for their article in the February / March issue (No 62) on the nature of the Duchy of Cornwall. Written by John Kirkhope B.A. (Hons.), LL.B.(Hons.), Dip. N.P., TEP Notary Public, Non Practising Solicitor (not Cornish BTW). 

The article totally debunks the lies promulgated by the current Duchy authority and UK government which usually run along the lines of -the Duchy of Cornwall is just a private estate- and -it has no connection to the territory of Cornwall-.

Kirkhope lists the quite extraordinary number of rights and prerogatives the Duchy has over the territory of Cornwall and adds:

"At a time when Cornwall, economically, needs bolstering and the government of Cornwall is in apparent upheaval perhaps the legal status of Cornwall and the monies generated by the Duchy need to be made transparent rather than suffer the murkiness of misinformation."

For me the article leaves the question -is Cornwall party of the UK in a de jure legal sense?- hanging in the air unasked.

This article along with countless others in Cornish World should not be left to moulder in a corner somewhere. Circulate it along with all other pro-Cornish publications!

Kirkhope has met with two of our Cornish MP's, Dan Rogerson and Andrew George, in Westminster to discuss the above. Both expressed regret at the governments unwillingness to tell the truth regarding the status of the Duchy of Cornwall.

Tonight, the 6th of March, at 7pm John Kirkhope will be giving a talk on Cornish Law in Redruth at Kresenn Kernow.

One not to miss!

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