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Cornwall ERoCC by Black-Hearted Ned

Following my post below on the Cornwall European Region of Culture Campaign I've been called to order by a friend. Black-Hearted Ned has this to say:I have nothing against the Region of Cultures project and wish it well. My personal problem is that I can't take those in charge seriously and have considerable doubts about their ability to understand the Cornish scene. The disgraceful "New Cornish Carol" proposals showed a total lack of knowledge not only of Cornwall's musical heritage but also of the wider European carol tradition itself and the Independent piece was an even bigger disgrace, and dangerous too. Nor do TV appearances inspire much confidence either.

Which is a pity, because there is nothing wrong with the concept and at the outset County Hall asked us to participate in its development. Two of us went to the initial working group meeting, but were then dumped without the courtesy of prior notice or subsequent explanation despite various unanswered requests. I do not take kindly to such behaviour and have made no attempt to hide my feelings. The latest expression of them was at a reception last Saturday, when David Roberts brought news of that afternoon's enthronement of the new bishop and the Cornishness of the occasion - the choir singing in Cornish, the Grand Bard reading a lesson in the language, and the congregation standing to sing Trelawny. These things - and the celebrations of St Piran which have just taken place - are real and come from the heart; against them what is being put about by the funded arriviste comes across as cheap and ersatz, and as little more than a marketing exercise. Convince me that I'm being unfair and I'll change my mind, but currently I can see no reason to alter.

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