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Congratulations STIG!

Congratulations must go to STIG and the people of St Dennis for their recent victory, but does it all have to end here? 

What now for their energy? What purpose could their experience and network of contacts but put to? Does the end of this particular campaign have to mean the end of all this positivity and action?

Reading this excellent OurKingdom article -The Politics of Liberty in the Age of ‘Liquid Democracy’- perhaps we can find a pointer.

The author Gerry Hassan writes: Drawing on Zygmunt Bauman's description of how a new, more fluid, fragmented, hyper-individualised ‘liquid modernity' has replaced the solid modernity of previous times (18), I suggest we adapt accordingly and nurture our practice and ideas to the requirements of what I have called ‘liquid democracy'. What would ‘liquid democratic' organisations look like? They would:

*Have a sense of inhabiting spaces which both engage with the system, while not being wholly part of it.

*Be at least part-outsider: engaging in a politics of direct action, fun and imagination, as well as serious, insider-orientated politics.

*Use new technologies and older senses of belonging and gathering to develop collective identities and democratic voice.

*In many cases be localist or defined by the importance of the local.

*Oppose the reach of big business - refusing to take or be dominated by corporate sponsorship.

As an example of a 'liquid democratic organisation' Hassan proposes London CitizensLondon CITIZENS is a powerful grassroots charity working with local people for local people. Our goal is social, economic and environmental justice. We meet that goal by training people of all ages, faiths and backgrounds to take action together for change. Our dynamic campaigns have secured many victories for the people of London. Beginning our journey twelve years ago as TELCO, our membership today includes over one hundred civil society organisations across the city.

With the birth of the Trelawney Alliance and the existence of any number of other grass-roots groups and single issue campaigns in the Duchy I can't help being jelous of Englands capital and its London Citizens organisation. We once had Cornish Solidarity. Today would it be possible to bring together Cornwall's campaigns for social justice, fair wages, envronmental responsibility, heritage protection and democratic reform in a Cornish Citizens? Due to the crisis the World, and therefore Cornwall, is ripe for change we just need agree on a direction, organise and then apply the pressure.

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