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Between Optimism and Cynicism

I can only be supportive of the move described here -Cornwall turns to Celtic assembly.

Cornwall is clearly one of the historic nations of this European archipelago and, even if our true constitutional position has been gerrymandered from under our noses, the legal position of the Duchy easily gives us the same footing as the Ilse of Man or Channel Islands.

No surprises that Andrew-electoral-trail-George is on hand to recycle and reproduce the language of Mebyon Kernow to win the Cornish national vote. Thankfully, part of the operation is in the hands of Plaid leader Elfyn Llwyd.

Wouldn't it be good to see our own progressive (Cornish) nationalist politicians in positions of power and able to speak for us as opposed to Liberal Democrat careerists ready to please all for a few extra votes but equally ready to 'forget' their promises.

The website for the British-Irish Inter-Parliamentary Body can be found here.

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