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2011 Census Update / No Cornish Nationality Code

I received an anonymous e-mail from a 'Cornovii' today concerning the 2011 census that people should see.

'National Identity' is a newly invented Census 2011 category. It is not the same as 'ethnic group'. If the 2011 Census asks people to record their 'National Identity', there is no code for Cornish like there was for 'ethnic group' in 2001. The government refuses to recognise Cornish 'national identity' so is there a possibility of Cornish entries either being voided, or changed to something else (possibly English, or British) without our knowledge ? This leads to the question will there be independent Census scrutineers in 2011 to verify the number recorded as Cornish ? Perhaps our MPs could confirm the procedure as to how the Cornish identity vote will be accurately monitored and recorded ?

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The link takes you to the following (very good)

Certainly has more balls than this blog don't you think.

If anybody wants to confirm the provided by Cornovii information then contact the Office of National Statistics or make a Freedom of Information request to them via the WhatDoTheyKnow website.


Anonymous said...

good video - simple, to the point, effective.

cornubian said...

Isn't it? Not my work though. Perhaps the CD should make use of YouTube.