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Celtic League joins diversity group to help fight racism

As part of a general campaign relating to issues aimed at combating discrimination in Cornwall, the Kernow Branch of the Celtic League has been invited to become members of an umbrella group of Cornish organisations representing different strands of equality and diversity.

Last year, members of the Kernow Branch of the League were sickened by racist graffiti – including slogans of a Cornish nationalist nature - that had been sprayed on a former Methodist Chapel in Quenchwell, Carnon Down in Cornwall, which is currently being converted into an Asian community centre. The Kernow Branch condemned the attacks, while at the same time contacted a number of groups and bodies in Cornwall in an effort to work cooperatively with them in order to tackle discrimination in Cornwall in a more general way.

While engaged in networking with these groups, it was suggested to the Branch that they should contact the Diversity Network for Cornwall (DNfC) and work more closely with them on shared goals. After initial research into the DNfC, it was decided at the January 2009 Branch meeting that the Kernow Branch should seek membership of the group.

Last week the Development Coordinator of DNfC, David Sillifant, contacted the Branch to inform them that their application had been successful. The Kernow Branch now hopes that it will be able to work successfully with its partners to push forward issues relating to diversity and equality that the Branch are particularly concerned with. A Branch representative for the DNfC has yet to be decided upon.

The General Secretary of the Celtic League, who is himself a Kernow Branch member, said:

Being part of a diversity network for Kernow made sense in that it enables the Branch to work more closely with other groups who are also attempting to tackle discrimination in Kernow and to highlight the diversity that exists. The Kernow Branch is keen to show other minorities in Kernow that the Cornish community is open and welcoming for all; while at the same time it would like to bring to the attention of the wider community the discrimination that Cornish people also experience.

Over the last few years the Branch has received a number of reports from Cornish people who have felt that they have been discriminated against because of their ethnicity. The Celtic League hopes that the Branch will now be able to deal with such instances in a more effective way within Kernow, to ensure that equality and respect is inclusive and total."

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J B Moffatt
Director of Information
Celtic League


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