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Cornish Blogging

I've noticed a couple of blog projects now that may be of interest to those actively involved in developing the Cornish cyberspace.

The first is BlogCymru.com who have kindly listed the Cornish Democrat. The second is the Witanagemot Club which I think I have a cat in hells chance of being listed on.

Essentially both sites list other blogs that share a common theme. They act as central resources for others wishing to explore English and Welsh blogging. Both sites provide bloggers who agree with their general political position banners that link back to the central directory.

With the Cornish Fighting Fund we had a similar set up but it was temporary. How about a permanent blog directory that promoted more general objectives i.e Cornish national recognition and greater home-rule?

There are plenty of bloggers who would place such a link banner on their website and this would provide a simple way of raising awareness about Cornish issues.

Post Script

Is this still working?

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Alwyn ap Huw said...

Aron Jones, who hosts Blog Cymru also hosts a similar project for Scottish Gaelic Blogs. If you asked him I'm sure that he would be willing to host a Blog Kernow site too!

I'm sure that there are many sites who would be happy to be included in Blog Kernow. On the political front Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrats active in Cornwall. And then there are gardeners, fishermen and housewives who blog about just living in Cornwall - get them all together to create a Cornish web identity for your nation!