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Charter 08

I see China's Charter 08, a document created by Chinese democracy campaigners, contains a call for equality before the law as well as a call to respect national minorities.

Equality. The integrity, dignity, and freedom of every person—regardless of social station, occupation, sex, economic condition, ethnicity, skin color, religion, or political belief—are the same as those of any other. Principles of equality before the law and equality of social, economic, cultural, civil, and political rights must be upheld.

A democratic China should seek to act as a responsible major power contributing toward peace and development in the Asian Pacific region by approaching others in a spirit of equality and fairness. In Hong Kong and Macao, we should support the freedoms that already exist. With respect to Taiwan, we should declare our commitment to the principles of freedom and democracy and then, negotiating as equals and ready to compromise, seek a formula for peaceful unification. We should approach disputes in the national-minority areas of China with an open mind, seeking ways to find a workable framework within which all ethnic and religious groups can flourish. We should aim ultimately at a federation of democratic communities of China.

I wonder why the UK government doesn't take a similar position? Do we not need equality before the law? Does the UK have no national minorities? Perhaps the Stannary Parliament have some of the answers in their latest offering: Britain Needs Constitutional Equality!

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